Why choose pharmacy essay

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Why choose pharmacy essay

Posted by ferrispharmacy on February 17, in Uncategorized Writing the personal essay, as part of an application for a college pharmacy, can be a daunting task for some.

As compared to very objective information like grade point average or PCAT score, the personal essay can seem like a very subjective exercise with no clear beginning and no clear end. The PharmCAS application states that: Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals.

It is important to realize that different admission officers or committee members will look at the essay from varying vantage points. Reading an applicant essay is a bit like looking at a painting.

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That does not necessarily mean that it is what each admission reviewer is looking for. As a result, it is best to approach the personal essay without a set formula. Applicants often make the mistake of asking a student who has gotten into pharmacy school about how they wrote their personal statement.

Why choose pharmacy essay

The belief is that the successful student has the golden nugget and if they can mimic their format, they will achieve the same end. These formats get passed from applicant to applicant with posting on different student website forums e.

As a result, many of the personal essays that I read look and sound alike. Prepare a rough outline before you begin writing a personal statement. Jot down the things that you think are important to tell about yourself. Focus on telling YOUR story.

Why choose pharmacy essay

By the time a reviewer gets to your personal essay, they have likely reviewed a number of other aspects of your application including your course history, grade transcripts, PCAT scores if requiredbackground, letters of recommendation, etc.

This creates the beginnings of a painting in their mind of who you are. The personal statement should continue to fill out this canvas. The narrative that you write must be consistent with the story that the rest of your application tells. Why is it YOU decided to become a pharmacist?

There are many different reasons that people decide to go into a healthcare profession and pharmacy in particular.

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Before I was going to be a pharmacist, my college plans included being an architect, veterinarian, oceanographer, chemist, and park ranger. Hopefully your decision to go into pharmacy is a little more planned and thought out than mine.

My point is that it is best to spend some thoughtful time about your choice and then translate that into some statements within your personal essay that are specific to you.

Not what you think or someone has told you the admission committee wishes to hear. Be honest and sincere.To know more about why choose pharmacy as a career, read this article, as it shares some insights on career options in pharmacy that you can choose from.

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Gone are the days when only being a doctor was considered as a noble profession as today pharmacy is also one of the noble and reputed professions you can enter in. Located in the Columbus, Ohio, neighborhood of Bexley, Capital University is a private, four-year undergraduate institution and graduate school that transforms lives through higher education.


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Fall Preliminary Class Profile. Applicants: 16, Enrolling first year students: 1, ACT (middle 50%): SAT (middle 50%): – (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: ; Math: ) GPA (middle 50%): Test Scores. Northland Pioneer College, a community college with 9 locations in northeastern Arizona, offers an LPN certificate program and an RN degree program.

Why I Want To Be A Pharmacist. There are so many careers in the health field in which a person can choose from. But I choose to be a pharmacist for so many reasons. Being from Nigeria and growing up there, I did see people get sick and die suddenly all due to inadequate health care provision.

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