Toy shop business plan

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Toy shop business plan

Find the perfect business for you with our Business Ideas Tool. Business Overview Toy store businesses can be very general, offering a wide variety of toys, or very particular, specializing in niche products.

It is possible to operate this business out of a physical location, or to operate entirely online. Regardless of your unique approach to the market, starting your own toy store requires a considerable amount of start up capital to acquire your merchandise. Who is this business right for?

First and foremost, this job is for those who love toys. Someone who already collects and sometimes re-sells toys will have an edge over someone completely unfamiliar with this market.

Similarly, the ability to research the toy market and network with others that do so allows you to get the inside track on what will be the latest upcoming toy shop business plan. Having ties to the community can also help you advertise your business, especially if you plan on having any special events in order to help your business stand out from larger retailers.

What happens during a typical day at a toy store? The day starts early for toy store owners. While most such businesses operate during normal business hours, you must show up early to ensure that the store looks clean, organized, and otherwise presentable.


Much of each day is spent balancing accounts and managing your money, including being ready for boom seasons such as Christmas. Finally, most days will be spent ordering stock for your store and keeping abreast of industry trends so that you know what to order and how much.

What is the target market? Some of the best clients for toy stores are the parents of younger children. Such children are at an age where they are very susceptible to advertising and marketing, and their constantly-changing tastes mean they often want new toys.

Depending on the business, though, your ideal customers may change: The Gathering will likely focus on customers in their late teens and early 20s. How does a toy store make money? The most basic way that a toy store makes money is, of course, by selling toys and receiving some profit from every toy that is sold.

One hurdle that small toy store owners must face is that it is completely impossible for them to compete with the mass market brick-and-mortar stores like Wal-Mart or Toys-R-Us or online juggernauts like Amazon. Some toy store owners have taken to personally delivering toys to homes or offering free storage or layaway plans that many bigger stores are unwilling to offer.

What is the growth potential for a toy store?

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The growth potential for a toy store business is respectable. Research published in found that domestic toy sales had increased by seven percent since Getting Started What are some skills and experiences that will help you build a successful toy store? There are a variety of skills that may help you open a toy store business.

As mentioned above, having personal experience as a toy collector and enthusiast can help you gain a competitive edge in figuring out what to order and how to market and sell it.

Having previous experience working in a toy store, especially in a management capacity, will help you understand the daily activities of the business quite well. A professional degree in something like Business or even Hospitality Management can help you master required skills such as accounting and customer service.

What are the costs involved in opening a toy store? The exact costs of opening your toy store business will depend on location, amongst other factors.

For instance, certain locations are more expensive to rent, as is more space, but it is important to open close enough to residential areas and other shopping centers in order to naturally attract your primary demographic.

Perhaps the biggest cost, though, is also the biggest question mark: For instance, this same toy store owner had enough product she had accumulated over the years and began by selling that, which meant she initially spent nothing.

Most people, though, must buy hundreds of toys to initially stock their shelves, and even at wholesale prices, the cost of this is significant.


Other owners become part of toy buying groups—which allow smaller retailers to pool together to buy toys at wholesale price and split the product—in order to buy toys in the kind of bulk that smaller stores normally cannot, which helps drive the purchasing prices lower.

What are the steps to start a toy store? A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur.A Sample Toy Store Business Plan Template Industry Overview Players in the toy and hobby store industry sell a wide range of toy and hobby goods such as traditional dolls and toys, electronic toys (including video and electronic games), board games, hobby kits and craft supplies et al.

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toy shop business plan

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Opening a toy store is a way for an entrepreneur to make a living while putting smiles on children's faces. Toy and hobby stores account for more than $20 billion in annual revenues, projecting.

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Toy Company Business Plan - Mission statement, Executive summary, Procedures