The joys of winter essay

The coldest months are December and January in most parts of the country. Nature grows old in winter. It is a period of decay. Who can love this old lady?

The joys of winter essay

Essay on the sorrows and joys of life Subrat Mangaraj Advertisements: Life, to most of us, is a succession of sorrows. This may sound rather pessimistic. Man vainly hopes to find in religion and God the sop or solace that life denies. Almost all religions have a similar prescription. The Christian tells us not to think much of our material possessions, for even if we lose the kingdom of the earth, we will gain the kingdom of Heaven.

Islam tells of the gates of Paradise, with all the joys, which we were denied on earth, will open wide to welcome us to eternal happiness.

The Hindus want us to perform our duties without attachment and without any expectation, and one day we will be released from the bondage of worldly life. The Buddhist points to the Eightfold Path that will help us attain Nirvana, which means extinction of all births, rebirth, and desires.

Really few want to escape the sorrows of life by getting rid of what we believe to be the very sources of joy. But we would say rather that the remedy has proved impracticable, since inspite of preaching it for thousand of years, it has not brought man any nearer to the final conquest of sorrows.

The philosopher may deny life but poet Tagore is there to sing of the beauty and blessedness of life.

His message comes to us refreshingly, — "Salvation through renunciation, — no, that is not for me. As a matter of fact, if life had not its plentiful store of joys, man would have given up the effort to live as a hopeless business. Our joys, indeed, more than outweigh the sorrows that the pessimists exaggerate.

We prefer to be with the poets rather than with the pessimists and weeping philosophers. Every moment of our existence has something to bring us, some prospect of joy, some chance of happiness, some fulfillment of our hopes.

Why should we speak of sorrows more than of joys? Thomas Hardly has been dubbed a pessimist when he said "Happiness is an occasional episode in life in an otherwise drama of pain.

The burden of sufferings would be unbearable, if they were not constantly relieved by joys.

In his heart of hearts, every man believes that sorrow is transient and might even be overcome. The triumphs of socialism and modern science and making the chances for a happier state of life brighter than ever.

Not escape but struggle must be our watchword. Above all, we must go all out, with courage and faith, to meet challenge of circumstances — "to have faith in God, keeping our powder dry. Let us recall Shelley who sounded the clarion-call—if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Of course, in the last analysis, most of our sufferings are due to the social conditions in which we live, where the interests of the majority are sacrificed for the few.

Winter Season | Short Explanation on Joys and Importance of Winter Season | Essay

Had there been equitable distribution of national wealth, three-fourths of the ills of life, poverty and want, non-education and unemployment, starvation and disease would have been eliminated.

Hence, the crying need of the society is the social justice.A Winter Snow When I think back upon the memories of my childhood, I clearly recall a specific winter afternoon at my grandmother’s house.

It is an especially cold day, I remember. I am dressed in two pairs of thick socks, two sweatshirts, a heavy winter coat, and my bright pink rain boots.

The joys of winter essay

Essay on The Joys of Winter Words | 4 Pages. wonderful time of the year? In my eyes, it is. Winter to me; is something completely different. A time where you wake up snuggled up with the heat blaring, a time where everything around you takes your breath away and a time where what you have is cherished most.

What is truly so great about winter? Joys of nature essay Final note, to be really successful in essay writing, you will need to practice, practice, practice! Example: Imagine that you might want to create a descriptive essay relating to your grandfather.

Should the roots and underlying reasons for crimes are identified, put simply to eradicate crimes. Winter season is one of the greatest and coldest seasons of India. In this season everywhere the cold climate has spreads, which is the superb weather.

The joys of winter essay

During the winter months, the hilly regions covered with snow and sometimes the . Winter season is one of the greatest and coldest seasons of India.

Essay on joys of winter season

In this season everywhere the cold climate has spreads, which is the superb weather. During the winter months, the hilly regions covered with snow and sometimes the temperature drops to very low-level. Free Essay: A cold, depressing, long period of time where people are upset and broke from the cost of happiness; runny noses, cheeks rosy and never feeling.

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