The events before and after the 911 incident in the united states

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The events before and after the 911 incident in the united states

Airline passenger explosive screening Not all passengers were screened for explosives. Checked bag screening Not all checked bags were screened for explosives.

Clearly, we are talking about Muslims and the Middle East. Islam was perceived to be a religion of evil and anyone who resembles the enemy is a potential threat.

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This portrayal of an entire people affected much of the issues concerning National Security, especially racial profiling among the airline industry.

Many Muslims feel isolated and are afraid of being suspected of terrorism.

The events before and after the 911 incident in the united states

Some people went as far as changing their names so they would not be compared to the terrorists in any way. For the purpose of National Security, individuals must be screened throughout airports in the U.

New policies have formed to improve our airline industry and the safety of the homeland. Since passenger jets were used to bring down the twin towers inthe Transportation Security Administration TSAhave developed screening techniques to minimize the chances of attack through means of aircraft. All passengers are screened without judgments on race, religion, and ethnic origin.

Unfortunately this is not the case in reality. People are searched thoroughly and taken in for questioning if suspected and sometimes it is related to their appearance. When passengers are in the plane, they can be removed if other passengers feel uncomfortable.

For example, people who speak Arabic, or bare a resemblance to what is portrayed as the present day terrorist. Discrimination is not only in airports, but exists in many forms.

There are acts of violence, harassment, and hate towards Middle Easterners. The same percentage favor requiring U. Muslims —citizens included— to carry special IDs.

About a third say U.

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When the government began investigating the attacks, many people of Middle Eastern and Asian decent were detained and questioned.

Charges of immigration violations were reasons for some of the people held, but according to The Council of American-Islamic Relations, Muslims were facing civil rights abuse and discrimination. Soon after the World Trade Center attacks, 1, people were apprehended and thousands more taken in for questioning and released.

One-fourth of the complaints involved ethnic and religious profiling at airports and workplaces, and nearly 20 percent involved government agencies, including the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the F.

Every day is a struggle for peace and unity. Cultural differences and religion may be at the root of so many wars in time, but in present day society, blaming an entire people for the violent acts of militants will not result in peace or help make America safer.

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Time period The furor started with the initial report from The New York Times, which stated that police records showed 38 people admitted to hearing her cries for help, but not a single witness called to report the incident.
Citing [email protected] France, 9 October:
Partisans Have Starkly Different Opinions About How the World Views the U.S. But in order to measure the nature and extent of these changes it is important to understand where attitudes toward international issues stood before the attacks occurred. No single issue or concern was dominant.

As Americans we do not want to live in paranoia and regret. We will continue to improve our policies for National Security, but we must honor our civil rights values for all as a nation.31 Days Before 9/ August 11, National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice and other administration officials to discuss the al Qaeda threat against the United States.

That same day. Aug 27,  · In the months before and after September 11, , the United States was bombarded with a series of cyber attacks. A group of criminals exposed vulnerabilities in the Microsoft operating system, and created a buffer overflow virus, which executed arbitrary code and infected hundreds of thousands of computers.

THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT. Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.

We present the narrative of this report and the recommendations that flow from it to the President of the United States, the United States Congress, and the American people for their consideration. 14 rows · The following is a list of terrorist incidents that have not been carried out by .

For the entire country, the September 11, , terrorist attacks confirmed that the unthinkable was possible. To the business world, it meant that being ready for a fire, a flood or a violent.

Terrorist attacks and related incidents in the United States complied by Wm. Robert Johnston last updated 24 March Note: table includes terrorist events causing fatalities, incidents involving unconventional weapons, politically-motivated murders, and other incidents of political or methodological significance.

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