Phd thesis on inventory management

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Phd thesis on inventory management

A Study of Logistics Sector of Pakistan This study will investigate the impact and role of information technology on inventory management.

Supply chain management SCM addresses the handling of information and material across the entire chain that includes the producers to suppliers, retailers, distributors and customers.

Phd thesis on inventory management

By increasing focus on use of rapid and advance technologies in enhancement of supply chain management, the businesses are seeking to developed and organized material handling system for its use.

The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness and role of developed technology in handling of material. This will be a descriptive type of research. This study will also document the relationship of inventory management on supply chain management. The questionnaire will be used to gather the data.

The KSE list firms will be used as sample of the study. The advance econometric techniques will be implemented for analysis of data. The results of study will help in efficient management of inventory of firm.Inventory System Thesis.

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Phd thesis on inventory management

Tweet. Sales and Inventory Management Software(With Barcode And Accounting) School Management System. Online Job Search System Using PHP/MySQLi. 3 SQL Version of NorthWind Database. Depending on the speciļ¬ c research topic that you pursue in your PhD thesis, you may FIELDS OF RESEARCH Operations Management (OM) inventory theory, and contemporary issues in operations management.

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