Nightly business report 1992 toyota

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Nightly business report 1992 toyota

By July 02, Not too long ago, we reviewed a report that looked at nuclear energy and other energy sources as biodiversity agents. This had to do, in part, with the amount of land a facility needs to function. Nuclear energy and fossil fuel plants use relatively little, wind farms and solar arrays quite a lot of land.

Based on an objective and transparent analysis of our sustainable energy choices, we have come to the evidence-based conclusion that nuclear energy is a good option for biodiversity conservation and society in general and that other alternatives to fossil fuels should be subjected to the same cost—benefit analyses in terms of biodiversity and climate outcomes, as well as sociopolitical imperatives before accepting or dismissing them.

Writer Barry Brook, who collected 75 scientists to endorse his paper, is interested in land use as it impacts flora and fauna. But what about land use as an issue in itself?

nightly business report 1992 toyota

But how much really? Is it potentially an important issue or just another argument to throw on the pile? Wind also using figures from Brook: NEI has tried the same exercise recently. A nuclear baseline makes sense for NEI, yes?

NEI also takes into account capacity factor. This refers to the amount of electricity a plant actually puts out against its rated capacity, expressed as a percentage. Nuclear reactors achieve an average capacity factor of 90 percent, largely because they shut down occasionally for refueling.

Wind farms, depending on location and other factors, have a capacity factor between 32 and 47 percent, solar arrays between 17 and 28 percent.

See the charts at the link for a more visual comparison. Does this give nuclear energy an advantage? You bet it does. Is it fair to consider it? Yes, I think so. Until then, the numbers are what the numbers are.

And it will take more land to make up for them. A 1,MW wind farm would require approximately 85, acres of land approximately square miles. Accounting for a range of capacity factors percentbetween 1, MW and 2, MW of wind capacity would be required to produce the same amount of electricity as a 1,MW nuclear plant in a year.

The land needed for wind energy to produce the same amount of electricity in a year as a 1,MW nuclear plant is between square miles and square miles. A 1,MW solar photovoltaic PV facility would require about 8, acres approximately 14 square miles. Accounting for a range of capacity factors percentbetween 3, MW and 5, MW of solar PV capacity is required to produce the same amount of electricity as a 1,MW nuclear plant in a year.

The amount of land needed by solar to produce the same generation as 1, MW of nuclear capacity in a year is between 45 and 75 square miles. To be honest, if mischievous, you could make this comparison even better for nuclear energy.

Consider that the five reactors now being built in Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee are at existing facilities. They take up no more land than has already been committed to the facilities. Almost all new wind and solar installations are new builds — of course, mischievous wind and solar folks have distributed energy installations in their camps roof-top solar and the like.

The conclusion however you look at it is almost foregone: As Brook points out, this could be determinative in places where land is at a premium or when biodiversity concerns rise in importance.

In places like the U. These may have started as exercises, but they reveal real issues to consider in energy policy.TitanTV offers fast, customizable TV listings for local broadcasting, cable and satellite lineups.

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The NEI report says approximately square miles are required.

Citing [email protected]

That means solar requires 34 to 57 times (or 3,% to 5,%) more land than nuclear. Wind requires to times (or 20,% to 27,%) more land than nuclear.

His analysis and work have been quoted in general news media including the BBC, The Economist, PBS Nightly Business Report, NPR, Al Jazeera International, South China Morning Post and USA Today.

He is a sought-after speaker who helps plan and moderate JOC events, leads JOC's shipper round tables, and chairs JOC's Canada Trade Conference.

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