How to write a contract for selling a car with payments

Trade in your old ride to a dealership or sell it privately. Selling a car privately can be a bit more hassle than just bringing it over to the dealership, but a private car sale is also likely to leave you with more money in your pocket. Selling your car with an owner-financing contract can make it a more appealing purchase for buyers and get you a bit of extra cash over time. Selling your car privately generally gets you a higher price than what you would get from a trade-in.

How to write a contract for selling a car with payments

The contract should lay out the terms of the sale, the type of vehicle involved and what types of payment are acceptable to the seller. Plus, the seller should be clear about what documents will be furnished at the time of sale, such as vehicle title, odometer disclosure statement and smog inspection results.

A contract for selling a used car should protect all parties involved.

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Video of the Day Step Create a line for the seller and buyer information. The first line of your contract should state that the seller agrees to sell the buyer the vehicle.

Make sure to include the full legal name of both seller and buyer and include the make, model and year of the vehicle. Step Include a section that details the date of sale and the used-vehicle price.


This is the section of your used-vehicle contract where you state what methods of payment are acceptable to you. For example, on the date of the sale, you may promise to furnish the vehicle title, registration and odometer disclosure statement.

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how to write a contract for selling a car with payments

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how to write a contract for selling a car with payments

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Sales Contract -- Installment Payments Use this sales contract if a buyer will be paying you in installments. Avoid misunderstandings or confusion with this form, and outline a schedule of payments, purchase price, and delivery date. What Is a Bill of Sale?

A BILL OF SALE IS: A general form that documents the transfer of a used or high-valued item from a seller to a buyer; A sales receipt for the purchase of vehicles, animals, and personal property such as bikes and firearms.

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