Gonna write a classic gonna write it in an attic lyrics

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Gonna write a classic gonna write it in an attic lyrics

Standard Meredith Wilson wrote "'Til There Was You" for the musical, "The Music Man," and it was so tuneful that it became a pop hit before the musical was staged. Many people know it because of the Beatles' version, which had a bossa nova rhythm. In this key-of-G arrangement the guitar plays arpeggios i.

The intro G, G dim, Am7, D7which occurs several times in the tune, is a standard jazz and pop turnaround. New York City's Queensboro Bridge, which connects Queens with NYC, is commonly called the 59th Street Bridge, because its Manhattan end is between 59th and 60th Streets it was prominently featured in Woody Allen's movie, Manhattan - but the bridge only is mentioned in the song's title, not its lyrics.

However, an urban legend claims that the NYPD used to burn confiscated marijuana under the bridge, and some folks would stand on the bridge to catch the fumes, thus feeling groovy.

In this key-of-G arrangement, the thumb alternates bass notes, Travis style, in the backup and soloing sections. During the solos you have to jump up to a high G chord at the 7th fret, momentarily to reach a high melody noteand there's an up-the-neck 7th fret Cmaj7 chord in the solo for the verse.

This section also has a double-note figure on a G chord that breaks up the fingerpicking pattern, briefly. The chorus has a standard 32 bar structure a bar statement, then repeat the first 8 bars of that phrase and end with a different 8 bars - except Gershwin adds an extra two bars to the final 8-bar section - something he did in a number of tunes.

Notice the 4-note phrase in the chorus a fog-gy day that is repeated several times over different chords. The unusual feature in the chord progression is the "flat III" chord Gb7 which happens twice and is like an instrumental hook. Standard "After You've Gone" was already a 9 year old Tin Pan Alley commercial hit - hardly a blues - when Bessie recorded it with a 5-piece band in But listen to earlier recordings of the tune like Marion Harris's hit version to fully appreciate how Bessie reworked it, introductory verse and all, to her own bluesy styling.

It remains a much-recorded and performed jazz standard, covered by contemporary artists like Rufus Wainwright and Fiona Apple.

There are several up the neck, jazzy chords 13ths, 9ths, etc. Standard Clara Smith and several other blues singers had a hit with this song in the s.

Like many blues hits of the era, it has Tin Pan Alley-style chord changes. All the chords in this key-of-G version are in the first position in the first few frets except D7, which is sometimes played at the 3rd, 4th and 5th frets: The thumb alternates bass notes, Travis style, throughout the tune, except for the part near the end that features a boogie bass line "When my baby used to love me.

And watch out for that funny E9 chord! Standard Andy Razaf, frequent lyricist for Fats Waller, says that it took Fats 45 minutes to compose his most popular tune, "Ain't Misbehavin.

In the AABA form, the song has an unusual bridge, chord-wise. This arrangement in G includes the rarely heard introductory verse, with its quirky chord progression that has a few key changes! Notice how often the common turnaround G, G dim, Am, D7 occurs in the chorus.

gonna write a classic gonna write it in an attic lyrics

The backup during the vocal chorus is a typical Chuck Berry-style boogie-woogie bass lick. The instrumental solo starts with the "train whistle" lick, a device used by many blues guitarists in key-of-E blues tunes. Standard "All Of You" was the big hit from Cole Porter's last Broadway show, 's "Silk Stockings," which was based on the Garbo film "Ninotchka," in which a lovely but severe Russian communist operative is wooed by a capitalistic theatrical agent in Paris.

The Broadway musical became a film two years later, and Fred Astaire was the agent who sang "All Of You" to Ninotchka hence the lines "There's a beg romantic deal I want to wangle" and "Love at least a small percent of me, do.

The chorus has a standard bar form a 16 bar statement, then you begin to repeat the first 8 bars and finish with 8 bars that are different.

As you can see from this key-of-C arrangement, in this tune you only repeat the first 6 bars in the second half. Simon said that parts of the tune were based on a chorale from Bach's "St.

Still, the song has been recorded by many artists and has been played in several movies and TV shows.

gonna write a classic gonna write it in an attic lyrics

Considering "American Tune"s' classical origins, it's not surprising that this key-of-G fingerpicking version has a classical guitar approach. The accompaniment and the solos consist of arpeggios i. It's worth noting that the last 8 bars are a standard ending to hundreds of songs from this era - in numbers it looks like this: There are several jazzy chord substitutions in this key-of-Bb arrangement, in that 8-bar ending and elsewhere.

For instance, in the accompaniment to the vocal, the Gb9 in the 8th bar is a passing chord, leading to F9; it's a flat five substitute for Cm7.

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The Ab13 in bar 24 is the same type of substitution a flat fifth above Dm7b5. Similarly B7 in bar 15 is a flat five sub for the F7 that would normally go between Cm7 and Bb.

There have been countless cover versions over the years, and a recording by Roger Williams became the first piano instrumental to top the pop charts. The chords of "Autumn Leaves" ascend by fourths: In this key-of-Am arrangement the accompaniment to the vocal consists mostly of strums, with some chordal notes sprinkled in to fill out the rhythm.

Both the backup and the solo are played in the first 5 frets, using first position chords. Standard Bessie Smith was inspired to write this bar blues inwhen her concert in a little town was flooded out and they had to relocate to higher ground.And Chico was the gambler of the family.

He pawned everything. My father was a tailor, and a very bad one, and Chico was always short of money, and he used to hock my fathers shears, so whenever my father made a suit, of course it didn't fit, and the shears would be hanging up in .

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