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Tale of the tape: Transcript of the Munk Debate Every zinger. Every bit of crosstalk. Read our transcript of the Munk Debate, Sept. Essayez notre nouveau et messieurs, bonsoir. Also, a warm hello, bonsoir, to our online audience watching this debate right now in French and English on munkdebates.

Our ability tonight to host this debate for Canadians from coast to coast to coast would not be possible without your support and the generosity of the Aurea Foundation.

Next up is Mr. Harper pour le Parti conservateur du Canada. Well, gentlemen, we are glad to finally have the three of you here on stage. Right now, the world is witnessing the largest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War as the conflict in Syria and Northern Iraq rages on. Vous avez vingt-dix sic secondes.

Canada does have a role to play in fighting the horror that is ISIS. We can help stop the flow of arms, help stop the flow of funds and of course help stop the flow of foreign fighters.

There are more than 60 countries involved in the coalition. Canada would remain a member with us, but only 12 are involved in a combat mission. We all know that there are a certain number of things that a prime minister has to get right.

A prime minister has to maintain a good relation with the U. We have to make sure that we have a place on the world stage.

We missed our turn on the Security Council. We have to take care of the defining issue of the age, which is climate change. Harper into the debate for a seven-minute one-on-one with Mr.

Mulcair on the topic of intervention. Harper, quelle est votre opinion sur le sujet? We have a balanced approach. Why are we doing that?

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Not simply because ISIS threatens to slaughter, literally, hundreds of thousands, create millions of additional refugees, but this is an organization that it wants to use parts of Syria and Iraq as an international base for terrorist operations, not just in the region, but also against this country.

This is not a United Nations mission. When that started to morph into something completely different, we withdrew our support. But the real question here is that the only thing that we can do?

Harper always takes the same approach. And you know, when your only tool is a hammer, all problems resemble nails, but this is a complex situation.

My own family, the Irish side of it at the least, came over during the Potato Famines of the s, and you what?

In Quebec City, people went down to the docks, even though a lot of them were getting sick, and took in the most miserable in the world. There are requests from the United Nations to take in 10, by Christmas.

Harper is not even going to get near that number. They want 46, between now and The NDP government will get it done. If I could just maybe correct a couple of facts here, first of all, none of our NATO allies — not all of them are involved in the coalition — but none of them are opposed to it.

The United Nations is not opposed. In fact, this intervention is happening at the invitation of the Government of Iraq under international law.Essayez les thèmes complets. Collections. En vedette; Allez voir notre site Modules Mobile. Fermer. Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles.

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