Essay plan template

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Essay plan template

Dealing with distractions Planning an essay Planning starts with understanding your task, how much time you have, the number of words you have to write and what direction you're going to take.

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Before you embark on research, give yourself realistic goals for the amount of material you need by sketching out a plan for length. Download an essay plan template This video suggests a way of planning your essay.

Please note that S3 is now called Skills Hub. Check the title, idea or plan with your tutor.

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He or she might have expectations you haven't realised and may spot a problem with the basic idea. As soon as you have done some reading and thinking, you can begin planning the content of your essay.

Allow yourself to change your plan but remember it gives you a structure for your argument, so if you change the plan you will have to check your line of reasoning and the evidence you use. Your tutor may give you specific guidance about the structure of your written assignment.

Tabular Plan Making a tabular plan can help visualise your argument and is useful for a comparative essay - see the example below click on the image to enlarge.Essay Map - ReadWriteThink. Planning the Essay Introductory Paragraph • Introduces your topic and provides necessary background information • Captures the reader’s interest and attention.

2 A short guide to essay planning and structure The importance of planning and structuring The purpose of an essay is to present a logical, reasoned argument in response to a specific question.

Example of love essay plan template

conclusion or conc in your essay plan to make sure you write one. 4 Exam survival kit. Essay plan template [Word KB] This template provides students with a framework for planning an argumentative essay. For more information on essay planning, see the Plan your essay page on this site.

Essay plan template

Blank template to help students to plan their essays. Useful for all subjects where an essay is required/5(3).

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