Edf energy business plan

Customers and employees broadly support policies that cut carbon pollution and protect human health. Policy engagement — at the local, state, and national level — should be a no-brainer for companies that have made commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions or shift to renewable energyor signed on to We Are Still In. That's why EDF is urging businesses to stay on course towards a cleaner and more competitive economy by standing up for strong environmental protections and action on climate change.

Edf energy business plan

What I like about Mars is that they are always willing to share their tips and best practices so that other companies can learn how to start mitigating their impact on the environment.

edf energy business plan

Here are the main takeaways from my discussion with Winston: A comprehensive sustainability plan integrates energy efficiency with renewable energy strategies. Winston Chen, Renewable Energy Manager at Mars For a company that has been growing quickly over the last few years, it can be a challenge to achieve absolute reductions in its overall carbon footprint.

As the sixth largest privately held company in the U. Mars looks for ways to reduce energy demand through adoption of more energy-efficient technologies.

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This includes low-hanging fruit such as lighting upgrades, but also more capital-intensive upgrades to manufacturing equipment. Ultimately, energy demand not only depends on the efficiency of the technology but how it is used on the factory floor; so Mars works with its employees to optimize the operation of energy-using equipment to minimize waste while improving productivity.

Reinventing how things are made can reduce energy demand. Mars invests in innovation to rethink its manufacturing processes — for instance, in its baking and drying processes to make pet food — to minimize energy use.

Mars also looks for solutions to decarbonize its energy supply, working with developers and utilities to procure renewable energy through PPAs.

Finding new ways to become more energy efficient is smart business for any company. With technologies widely available on the market to help companies innovate and save energy, solutions that benefit bottom lines and mitigate environmental impact abound. For example, an overwhelming majority of executives at top companies say they are using innovative technologies to drive profitability and environmental performance, according to a recent EDF survey.

More than 70 percent of executives surveyed said their business and environmental goals are more closely aligned than they were just five years ago, primarily due to advances in technology. Collaborating for scale leads to innovation and a more sustainable supply chain. Companies have a number of options for procuring renewable power including investing capital to install onsite renewable energy projects.

I asked Winston why Mars prefers using PPAs, which account for almost all of its renewable energy investments.

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Sustainable companies attract customers, please employees, aid recruiting and burnish reputations. This insight is perhaps the best takeaway from my discussion with Winston. He explains it perfectly in this quote: For more posts like this, follow Graziella Siciliano on Twitter.

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By Kim Sha and Ben Liu, clean energy interns. Illinois’ largest utility, ComEd, is almost finished deploying advanced metering infrastructure to its customers. In fact, there are now more than million installed smart meters in Illinois, feeding anonymized energy-use data – recorded in half-hourly kilowatt-hours – back from the grid.

EDF energy services. EDF Energy Services offers a wholistic approach to energy solutions for large commercial and industrial consumers, power generation and retail energy providers. Stabilizing the climateEDF's bold plan to curb carbon emissions globally, with solutions that have the greatest impact.

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