Drowning first aid response essay

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Drowning first aid response essay

These techniques can help save someone who has suffered a heart attack, a near-drowning accident or any number of other emergency situations. Anyone can learn CPR and become trained in first aid. Knowing what to do in an emergency medical situation can mean the difference between life and death.

Rather, CPR is used to return the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body to delay tissue death and brain damage. When the heart stops, the lack of oxygenated blood can cause brain damage in only a few minutes.

CPR consists of two main procedures: External cardiac massage, commonly referred to as chest compressions, manually forces the chest down in an attempt to pump blood through the valves of the heart to other parts of the body. Artificial respiration is an attempt to restore breathing to a person whose breathing has stopped.

Artificial respiration was first introduced in the 19th century by Dr.

How To Perform CPR on a Drowning Casualty

Early 20th century Boy Scout handbooks outlined a similar technique, but with the patient laying on his or her stomach. It was not until the mid 20th century, however, that the medical profession began taking notice.

Artificial respiration was developed at Johns Hopkins University and was then used throughout the medical community beginning in the early s. According to the American Heart Association, nearlynon-hospital cardiac arrests occur annually, and 88 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home.

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any time. Since so many occur in the home, knowing how to perform first aid and CPR means you could save the life of someone you love. Everyone knows to call in an emergency, but when it comes to cardiac arrest, minutes count. It can take as little as six minutes for the brain to die when it is not being supplied by oxygenated blood.

Administering CPR can prevent serious brain injury. In severe bone injuries, knowing how to set or immobilize the bone can mean the difference between a full recovery and not being able to bear weight on the bone in the future. Cuts that are not properly cleaned can become infected.

In the minutes immediately following an injury, how fast someone is treated can have a large impact on the future health of the injured person. Beyond that, however, individuals who want to know what to do in an emergency can become first aid-certified.

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Drowning first aid response essay

Anyone with children knows that accidents happen. Cuts and scrapes are inevitable when it comes to kids playing outside, and most parents know what to do with these common minor injuries.

But when an accident happens that is more serious, do you know what needs to be done? For example, quick action with moderate to severe burns is crucial for the outcome of the burned skin.

A child who is poisoned from drinking something toxic also needs quick attention. First aid classes cover many of these common injuries that can happen to any child.

Get Your Workforce Trained in First Aid & CPR

You can use the internet to find a local first aid certification class or call your local hospital to find out when and where to get first aid-certified. As medical professionals learn more about treating injuries, methods and protocols will often change as new ways of treatment become preferential over older methods.

This is why refresher courses or re-certification can be necessary even if you have been certified in first aid in the past. There are many types of first aid, depending on setting. Wilderness First Aid focuses on common injuries that could happen while camping, hiking, or participating in other outdoor activities.

Lifeguards are often required to be Aquatic Marine First Aid certified. Her son Jimmy was a toddler when he fell over and hit his head while eating a piece of bread. When it comes to First Aid, there is no such thing as being too young. Even children can begin to be trained what to do in an emergency.

Chloe remembered what she had learned two years prior in a first aid class and was able to help her sister start breathing again. It is easy to learn, and countless stories show that once you have learned First Aid, your knowledge can help in an emergency.

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Find out where you can take a First Aid Certification class if you need or want the skills to have in a situation where quick action is necessary to help someone who has been injured or needs immediate medical attention.Get first aid tips from St John Ambulance about saving someone from drowning, from checking for breathing to giving CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

pulse and level of response until help arrives. Find out more Download our app. Once a drowning patient is safely out of the water, perform basic first aid.

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In cold weather, remove the patient's wet clothing - all the way. In cold weather, remove the patient's wet clothing - all the way. First aid is the initial treatment or help given to sick particularly injured individual before professional medical care becomes available with the materials at hand.

Snakebite Treatment. In this Article Essential First Aid. 8 essentials for car or purse. Hands-Only CPR. 4 steps for adults. How to Tell if Someone's Drowning;.

While in the Drowning Response, people stay upright but they don't perform supporting kicks, and unless rescued, they struggle on the surface of the water up to 60 seconds before they go under.

Leonard Cobb held the world's first mass citizen training in CPR in Seattle, Washington called Medic 2. He helped train over , people the first two years of the programs. He helped train over , people the first two years of the programs.

Drowning first aid response essay
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