Disadvantages of globalisation

Lesson Objective This activity engages students in the topic of globalization, a force that is transforming world production and consumption habits and receiving a lot of attention as a result. Teacher Instructions Explain to students that they will be researching the origin of their possessions, including their clothing, school supplies, household items and food.

Disadvantages of globalisation

Advantages and disadvantages of a background check? Pros for Employers Background checks reveal lies in resumes or CV and fill in the 'blanks' at interviews.

This helps the job selection process and ensures employment of only legitimate and honest candidates with no criminal history.

Disadvantages of globalisation

Carrying out thorough background checks protects an employer against possible, future lawsuits. Globalization has made it easier for people to leave behind their former lives and identities, and carry on, afresh, in another town, state or even country, erasing any stains on their character as they go.

Records and data are scattered and do not always link up. It is pretty, futile, relying on the information supplied by an applicant for a job. A criminal is very unlikely to reveal a true picture of their past lives. Cons for Employers Background checks are expensive in terms of money and time and for this reason, many employers fail to carry out thorough checks.

Many companies have faced litigation for not performing pre-employment, background checks. Wal-Mart were once, involved in a negligence lawsuit. They have since revised their company policy and now perform stringent background checks on all potential employees.

Disadvantages of globalisation

Failure to deal with private information or data in a responsible manner can result in penalties for the employer. Fines for fraudulent activity and misplacing or losing personal data are heavy. Pros for Employees Employers have a duty to provide a safe place of work for their employees. It is, therefore, the responsibility of an employer, to vet potential employees before given them a job.

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A company must perform background checks, whilst at the same time, adhering to codes of practice outlined by the regulations surrounding data protection.

Cons for Employees Some people feel that background checks are an invasion of personal liberty. Background checks can reveal details, which you would rather not disclose to a potential employer.

Penalties can be incurred for falsification or disclosure of information presented when applying for a job. A person may miss promotion due to one mistake made during their youth, regardless of their present day integrity, work experience or qualifications.

In today's environment of terrorism, security checks are becoming more important and therefore, more common. As employers tighten up their belts, it may soon be a thing of the past to be able to get a job without, first passing stringent security checks. Employers may also find themselves being more forthcoming when it comes to providing references for former employees, in the fear that they may sued for not revealing the truth about a bad employee.

References may become quite, detailed and even incriminating to the employee. Following current trends, the need for total honesty will increase as the more thorough the background check, the more likely it is for lies and omissions, to show up.

The personal information, accessible by a company or person doing an individual's background review, is very sensitive stuff and it could be very damning if it were to get into the wrong hands.May 06,  · A story in the Washington Post said “20 years ago globalization was pitched as a strategy that would raise all boats in poor and rich countries alike.

In . About the authors. Terence Hogarth is based at the Institute for Employment Research (IER) at Warwick rutadeltambor.com has around 30 years' experience researching UK and EU labour and training markets. His recent work has concentrated on the operation of apprenticeship systems, and the measurement and assessment of skill mismatches in the UK and in the EU.

Choosing a Career. Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will make in life. It's about so much more than deciding what you will do to make a living. Internal Limitations. There are several limitations of planning.

Some of them are inherit in the process of planning like rigidity and other arise due to shortcoming of . Globalization. Globalization is a controversial issue for business and governments throughout the world.

We recognize globalization mainly through its effects. Computers have both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, they allow us to access the wealth of information that is available on the internet. They also allow us to analyze massive amounts of.

Disadvantages of Planning