Dashes in business writing

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Dashes in business writing

Everything you've ever wanted to know about dashes If you're confused about the various types of dashes and when to use them, you're not alone.

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Figuring out whether to use an en dash, em dash, 2 em dashes, or even gasp! Let's take a look at the different types of dashes and when to use these little punctuation marks.

En dash In ranges The en dash — gets its name because it's the same width as the letter N. It is generally used in place of "to" for connecting numbers in ranges, although it can also connect words in which case, it means "through".

Note that an en dash should not be used for negative numbers, and that there should be no spaces before or after it.

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It should also not be used when the number or word is preceded by from or between from…to, or between…and. So, the following sentences are correct: The park is open May—October.

The park is open from May to October. However, these uses are incorrect: The park is open from May—October.

dashes in business writing

Instead of a hyphen The en dash can be used when joining compound modifiers where at least one of the words is an open compound meaning not hyphenated or is already hyphenated. For example, New York—Tel Aviv connection.Writing Center Topics Abbreviations Book Reviews Business Documents Business Email Tips Capitalization Confusing Words/Phrases Desktop Publishing Formatting Grammar Tips Homonyms Internet Trends Possessives Punctuation Small Business Spelling Style Tips Typography Uncategorized Website Content Writing Tips.

The em dash (— or -- [on an old-fashioned typewriter]) is the most commonly used type of dash and is often simply referred to as a dash. It gets its name—no big surprise here—because it's the width of an M. Dashes. The first thing to know when talking about dashes is that they are almost never required by the laws of grammar and punctuation.

Overusing dashes can break up the flow of your writing, making it choppy or even difficult to follow, so don’t overdo it. It’s also important to .

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The national conventions for writing telephone numbers vary by country. While international standards exist in the form of the International Telecommunication Union sector ITU-T issued recommendation E, national telephone numbering plans define the format and length of telephone numbers assigned to telephones.

There are two common types of dashes: en dash and em dash. En dash: Slightly wider than a hyphen, the en dash is a symbol (-) that is used in writing or printing to indicate a range or connections and differentiations, such as or Princeton-New York trains.

Dashes are used to show a range or in place of parentheses to show that information has been inserted into a sentence. Dashes are only used in informal writing; in academic and business writing, use parentheses, commas, or colons instead.

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