Comparision and contrast

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Comparision and contrast

The first part is what's new with Oleds with my review, and the second goes over general Oled info and specs. Please note that I am waiting on my C8 Oled and will update my review accordingly. SinceLG's Oleds have become front runners on what to expect from a top of the line television in terms of visual ability and features.

Now with several other companies in the Oled Race though many still get the display from LGLG's needs to continue to improve their winning product to stay in the lead. SinceI've given each Oled 5 stars, and its hard not too.

Every year, LG improves features and visuals in their lineup, somehow while staying aggressive on pricing to make them more affordable compared to previous years. The best part is that all of the LG Oled Lineup share the same vivid and lifelike display panel, making choosing between models more of a preference instead of performance choice except the B8 which I'll explain later.

Lastly, besides the occasional TV with issues or defects, each years Oleds further improve on quality. This has led to much improvement regarding dead pizels, banding, ghosting, and burned in images, some of the major problems with early Oled TV's.

Comparision and contrast

Of course no TV is perfect, so for new or returning LG Oled owners please read my new owner tips section at the very end of this review. Now withit's not a question of whether or not the Oled lineup deserve to be five star TV's which they dothe main questions to ask is what's new, and is it worth the purchase or upgrade?

There is so much about its functionality, ease of use, and visuals that leave me impressed even to this day.

Improvements and Changes- LG has added a new software and processing features rather than updating its display compared to Oleds. In that case, it may be more important for that equipment to have Dolby Atmos Audio capability instead.

As I mentioned before, all of the LG Oleds have the same display, which means that each model will be able to give you the same vivid and rich visuals.

Compare vs. Contrast

This makes choosing between them a bit more simple. This new detailing technology is called Tru Color Accuracy pro which can be achieved by the Alpha 9 Processor. By default, the Alpha 7 should make the B8 as good if not better than Oleds.

To which extent remains to be seen, I will update this as information becomes available. The last improvent is the inclusion of Google Assistant to the WebOS on Oleds, which should help with voice activated assistance in changing TV functions and settings, and hopefully will also interact with other smart home products as well.

I will also update this review once I'm able to try this feature first hand.

Comparision and contrast

Disadvantages to As of now, there are three issues I can think of. Also, it cannot be excluded that some aspects of HDMI 2.

The second big disadvantage will be for those opting to get the B8 model which will have an Alpha 7 instead of an Alpha 9 processor. Although it still has Google Assistant integrated, it remains to be seen how much of a disadvantage the B8 will have compared to the rest of the lineup due to the processor's shortgivings.

Lastly for W8 owners, the same issue continues from the W7 of last year, which is the inability to mount the TV on an actual moveable mount. I really appreciated having my Oled wall mounted on a moveable mount, which gave me the ability to move my TV and adjust viewing angles side to side, and also up or down depending on where I was watching TV.

I think that wall mounting any Oled is a great idea, however mounting it flush and flat to a wall without tilt or turning ability needs to be thought out carefully. Now inthe integration of a smart Google Assistant and new Processor makes for the fastest and smartest Oled lineup to date.

For or owners, you must weigh price and functionality improvements to see if an upgrade is right or necessary for you. New buyers please also read my buyer tips section at the bottom of this review for more important information. General Oled Info and Specs: Picture, Color, and Processor- According many sources, panels haven't necessarily changed much since It still reaches 99 percent of the DCI color space providing an excellent range of colors for better true to cinema visuals.

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