An analysis of people having to complain about visiting their nearby relatives

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An analysis of people having to complain about visiting their nearby relatives

Hold Regular Family Meetings As soon as the person begins to have health problems, initiate regular family meetings with your siblings and other family members who will be involved in her care. The goal is to share information and make decisions as a group; the meetings can also be a source of support and provide a forum for resolving disagreements.

If all or some of you live in different parts of the country, the meetings can be held by conference call. There are now many free conference call services available you can search online with the term free conference calls.

If possible, reserve a little time at the end of the meeting or conference call to chat and catch up.

An analysis of people having to complain about visiting their nearby relatives

A fair division of labor can mitigate resentment and make caregiving more efficient. The family meeting is an excellent venue for setting up a caregiving schedule and dividing up tasks. Why Communication Is Important Most families have taboo subjects that everyone avoids.

Sometimes the topic is a sensitive one, like a drinking problem or a family tragedy, but often family members avoid speaking up because they are afraid of hurting feelings -- or simply because openness has never been part of the family culture.

In a calm, quiet moment -- perhaps at the next family meeting -- explain how you feel in a matter-of-fact, nonconfrontational way. Try to be concrete and specific when you ask for help.

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Likewise, if another sibling or family member is doing most of the caregiving, offer support and encourage her to express her frustrations and talk about what would make it easier for her. Offer Help Even If You Live far Away If you live far from your family member and other relatives are responsible for most of the care, be sure to offer support.

Check in often to see how things are going and to offer whatever assistance you can. Ask about how the caregiver is doing and be a sounding board for frustrations and concerns.

Be patient if the caregiver needs to vent. The National Caregivers Alliance advises relatives who live far away to let the caregivers know how much you appreciate what they do and to make sure that primary caregivers get regular respite.

Perhaps you can pay for some additional care or offer to hire a housecleaner for the caregivers. How to Resolve Family Conflicts Seek Mediation -- Especially if You Hit Trouble Spots A counselor or mediator can help you and your family resolve disagreements or manage particularly difficult care-giving dilemmas.

Schempp, who regularly counsels siblings and other caregivers, says, "It helps families to have an outside facilitator who can offer advice and support. Many problems facing caregivers have no easy answers.

Take, for example, your argument with your brothers about whether your dad can still drive. He might well be too infirm to drive, but he needs his independence.

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To find a counselor, contact your local senior center or area agency on aging. Be Part of the Solution If you find yourself in conflict with another family member when caring for an elderly relative, take a step back and get some perspective.

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People aren’t having kids AT you, nor are they visiting their grandparents solely to annoy you. God forbid they be traveling because something terrible happened – one of my last flights a mom was flying solo with her baby because HER mother had been in a car accident that morning.

Most studies have used staff members as informants, some have focused on the relatives’ view, but substantial knowledge about the residents’ perspective is rutadeltambor.comive:To study what nursing home residents and their relatives perceive as ethical challenges in Norwegian nursing rutadeltambor.comch design:A qualitative design with in-depth .

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