An analysis of formation of jubilee 2000

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An analysis of formation of jubilee 2000

The programme envisages during every year of this preparatory phase a common reflection of all the Church in Guinea to be held in the different dioceses present on the territory.

For the appointment was held in Boffa, the first mission of the Archdiocese of Conakry, where from 24 April to 4 May, Catholics of Guinea discussed the theme: Jesus Christ, only Saviour of the world, yesterday, today and always.

But the Archdiocese of Conakry began its preparatory path towards the Jubilee some time ago. This was the first moment of community reflection which the Catholic Church of Guinea shared in view of the official opening of the preparatory phase for the great Jubilee of the year Many initiatives were organised by the Diocesan committee of the Jubilee for the year ; first among all of them the sensitisation of the clergy belonging to the Archdiocese.

The Committee also dealt with the publication, on the diocesan bulletin, of articles regarding the preparation for the Holy Year. And precisely on occasion of the official opening of the preparatory phase for the Great Jubilee of the Yearthe Archbishop of Conakry, Monsignor Robert Sarah sent the faithful of his diocese a pastoral letter, in which he outlined the significant points of this 3-year path.

The 2, years from the birth of Christ must be prepared and celebrated, like Pope John Paul states in Tertio Millennio Adveniente, through the joy and conversion of the heart.

For this reason Monsignor Sarah invited all the Catholics in the Republic of Guinea to a re-confirmation, to a study of the faith and to the testimony of Christians. Following the Apostolic Letter Tertio Millennio Adveniente, Monsignor Sarah declared that the contemplation and invocation of the Virgin Mary, will be fundamental during the preparatory phase, especially over the first year.

The Catholic community of the Republic of Guinea in also recalled the centenary of the death of Saint Therese of the small Jesus and of the Sacred Shroud. Monsignor Sarah concluded the letter inviting all the parish priests of the Archdiocese of Conakry to organise meetings, catechesis encounters which over the course of will deepen the study of the faith in Christ.

RWANDA Examination of conscience The preparation of the Rwandan Church for the Great Jubilee of the year began in November with the publication of the first pastoral letter of the bishops of Rwanda which invited Catholics in the African country, ravaged by civil war, to adequately prepare for the Jubilee of the year and for the celebration, in the same year, of the Centenary of Evangelisation in Rwanda.

The preparation for these two Jubilees, the bishops declared, represents an important moment for a precise examination of conscience and a real change following the terrible wars, genocide and massacres. The pastoral letter traces the path of the Rwandan faithful not only, as mentioned, for the Holy Year ofbut also for another Jubilee event which Rwanda will be celebrating, the centenary of its evangelisation which has now led the African country to comprise 9 dioceses and parishes.

An analysis of formation of jubilee 2000

All Christians must avoid ill making the main characteristics of Christians prevail: It is important for the bishops of Rwanda that this renewal of values take place above all in the families, the true heart of Christian values; for this reason the prelates of the African country invited the faithful to re-evaluate the sacrament of marriage.

Love, good, truth and justice, but above all living one's life following the path indicated by God through Christ. These are the recurrent themes of the second pastoral letter which the bishops of Rwanda prepared on occasion of the first year of preparation for the Great Jubilee of the year An invitation to reconciliation also came from the Pope who in his message at the beginning of the year urged all those who believe in Christ to march towards the path of forgiveness and reconciliation.

MALI A country on the path towards justice The path of the Church of Mali in view of the Jubilee of the year began in with the opening of the Synod for Africa which dealt in particular with the growth and development of the life of the Church in Africa. In his apostolic exhortation Pope John Paul II defined the Synod as a historic event, an occasion of resurrection and hope for the African population.

The important issues to reach such objectives are evangelisation and the cultural growth of the population which require an ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue in the spirit of love and the respect of every man.

This important task will have to be carried out by the grass-roots ecclesial communities, catechists, the family, young people, consecrated men and women, priests and bishops, seminarians and deacons.

In parallel to the purely spiritual themes, the Pope's apostolic exhortation also deals with justice and peace. These aspects were at the centre of the two pastoral letters which the bishops of Mali addressed to their faithful.

In the first Fraternal communion in the Church Family towards the year the bishops of Mali outlined the path that the local Church will have to follow in the preparatory phase for the Holy Year. If and were respectively characterised by reflection on themes including evangelisation, justice and peace, in the three successive years catechesis and parish, diocesan and national celebrations will be at the centre of the preparations of the Church in Mali.

Justice and peace in particular were the themes at the centre of the pastoral letter which the bishops of Mali sent for The bishops hope that Mali will become a new nation where ideals of freedom, not only political but also of expression, may be able to triumph.

ECUADOR New evangelisation, human rights, inculturation and mission "ad gentes" A clear and essential pastoral plan which proposes a common path for the Churches of Ecuador from here to the Great Jubilee is the fruit of the work of the bishops of the Latin American country, gathered in plenary assembly, who are strongly committed to put into practice the intuitions and suggestions indicated in the acts of the Second Vatican Council and in Tertio Millennio Adveniente.

The document published by the Episcopal Conference is addressed to the country's Catholic communities, at all levels, from the diocese to the parish, to the laity. After having summarised the contents of Tertio Millennio Adveniente, the aid underlines the main points, translating them into concrete proposals new evangelisation, human rights, inculturation, mission "ad gentes", etc.

In particular, guidelines of behaviour were identified for the three-year period within four areas of ecclesial activity.

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The area "magisterium of the Church" proposed for the study of the themes "Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels", during a national bible week organised by the evangelisation departmentand the updating of texts for catechesis, in light of the Catechesim of the Catholic Church and the results of the national meeting of diocesan representatives for catechesis organised by the catechesis department.

The department for culture, ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue promoted, in January, a week of prayer for Christian unity, while the department for missions is working for greater presence of the missionary dimension in the diocesan pastoral plans.

The education department is obtaining greater involvement by schools and lay teachers in the spirit of preparation for the Jubilee, also through programmes and texts on the themes of love, chastity and the family. The area "sanctifying presence of the Church" makes use of three departments: The "Sacred Art" department organises a course and an exhibition on Jesus in Ecuadorian art and the sanctuaries department studies the catechesis on Mary, also through the distribution of aids.

The area "of the people of God", with the departments for the Clergy and seminars, the vocations department and the one for consecrated life, is strongly committed to the study of Christological themes, through diocesan meetings and work-groups; also the departments for the organisations and lay ministries, for the family and young people, for the pastoral of indigenous, for the Afro-Ecuadorian pastoral and for the urban pastoral address the same basic issues, outlining for each sector, the most useful initiatives for the various communities being addressed: The area "for the social pastoral" includes the department for formation, which is publishing aids for the National congress on the social doctrine of the Church and has organised the social week on the theme "Economy of solidarity", the department for community development, particularly active in the safeguard of women and children in society, the socio-economic department which supports aid projects for the food emergencies of the weaker sectors of the population, while the departments for the pastoral of prisons, for emigration and for refugees, for health and for workers represent the specific instruments through which the Episcopal Conference manages to promote and circulate the message of the Church in areas and communities characterised by very particular problems.

For the following are already being prepared: A similar activity will be carried out duringwhen the guiding theme "God Father" and the aspects of Christian life suggested by Tertio Millennio Adveniente for further study will be examined and translated into practice in the different social and cultural realities being experienced by the Church in Ecuador.The success of Jubilee led directly to creation of new, high-profile NGOs in the ’s such as DATA and the ONE Campaign (now merged).

Commentary & Analysis. In timely and incisive analysis, our experts parse the latest development news and devise practical solutions to new and emerging challenges. What Ever Happened to the. THE JUBILEE IN THE WORLD.

GUINEA. The phases of a community reflection. The Episcopal Conference of Guinea has traced the path that will lead the Catholic Church of the African country to the Great Jubilee of the Year The formation of Jubilee was marked by the All African Council Of Churches in who "called for a Year of Jubilee to cancel Africa's debts".

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The formation of Jubilee was marked by the All African Council Of Churches in who "called for a Year of Jubilee to cancel Africa's debts". (9)Jubilee is a global movement concerned with the % "one off cancellation of the unpayable deb /5(1).

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