A research on the effects of wrong reward system

Many educators are acutely aware that punishment and threats are counterproductive. Making children suffer in order to alter their future behavior can often elicit temporary compliance, but this strategy is unlikely to help children become ethical, compassionate decision makers.

A research on the effects of wrong reward system

Amy Bucher 2 Comments Badges are an incredibly common way that app developers try to hook users of their product. They could conceivably support user competence by providing positive feedback for continued activity or achievement of new accomplishments.

When properly applied, badges can encourage users to keep up desired behaviors such as product purchases. But unfortunately, often app developers do not align the badge concept with desired behavioral outcomes. They reward the wrong behavior They unnecessarily reward a behavior I picked an example of each type of badge misalignment to demonstrate how these two issues can lead to unintended consequences or the failure to achieve wanted behaviors.

I also picked one app that I think is doing a badge-type reward system really well. They reward the wrong behavior. What has to happen for your product to be a success? Prior to its ongoing transformation into a location-based search engineFoursquare was essentially a social location-based check-in app that allowed people to declare their physical location and share it with their network of connections.

Other apps would incorporate the Foursquare API to add location-based functionality. Badges might be related to check-ins within a specific geographic location, a type of business retail, Italian restaurantsor a time period.

At some point, Foursquare began awarding physical activity badges for using affiliated services such as Runkeeper or HealthMonth. These badges were then discontinued in June Well, one reason is that over time, these badges fail to reward the desired behavior.

Presumably there are two levels of desired behavior here: A good reward system aligns with the target behavior. They unnecessarily reward a behavior. My best current example of an app that awards unnecessary badges is Untappda social app that records the beers you drink and shares them with friends.

Untappd also provides badges for a number of behavior types, including drinking a certain number of beers in a category e. IPA or lagersdrinking beers on certain days e. I have never once decided to drink a beer, or chosen a specific beer to drink, because Untappd might give me a badge for it.

Drinking beer is already a rewarding activity, so a badge to encourage it is completely unnecessary. It lets me track interesting beers I try so I can remember to order them if I see them again.

A research on the effects of wrong reward system

It also lets me peek into the beer tastes of friends who I know to be connoisseurs, so I can try the things they like. In fact, given the undermining effectadding a badge in on top of an already motivating experience could have the unintentional result of making users less engaged.

For beer drinking, this would likely look like less use of Untappd rather than less drinking of beer. Only implement a reward system when it makes sense to reward the desired behavior with something extrinsic.

The Starbucks app lets users sync a credit card with their phone and pay for purchases including tips at brick-and-mortar locations using an individual barcode displayed on the screen.


When users accumulate enough points, they earn a higher tier or level within the reward system, and free coffee.New neurological research reveals that porn is a research on the effects of wrong reward system as potently addictive as heroin or cocaine.

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THE EFFECT OF REWARDS AND MOTIVATION ON STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT Lori Kay Baranek Summer, MASTERS PROJECT Submitted to the graduate faculty at Grand Valley State University. Motivation and Reward Systems. a reward system may have differential motivational effects in different cultures.

Some research findings regarding these differences are presented, and some. The article under research argues that a wrong reward system can unwittingly encourage undesirable behavior. My favorite example from the article is about politics; it portrays the behavior of politicians and voters during the campaign period.

The impact of a reward sytem on employee motivation in Motonet-Espoo Carolina Mikander Degree Thesis International Business aimed to find out which aspects of the reward system functions well, and which aspects the reward systems on employee .

This research paper focuses on the effects of reward systems on employee performance in the modern work environment and how satisfaction with rewards can lead to .

A research on the effects of wrong reward system